Shelter & Rescue Pet Awareness

For my degree project, I knew I wanted to do something revolving animals or nature. Then decided that I wanted to help out local shelter animals! I always had pets growing up and at one point almost pursued a veterinary career. As a volunteer, visiting animal shelters was always bittersweet. I would help socialize and walk the shelter pets, but then left the shelter teary-eyed because I wanted take more than one pet home with me!

Pets are great for people and adoptions from shelters or rescue organizations teaches individuals important lessons that will last throughout their lifetime. Pet owners are less likely to be depressed and have higher levels of serotonin and dopamine preventing stress and anxiety. Owning a shelter pet can help young adults put their mind at ease with the benefit of boosting their mental and physical health. There are plenty of responsibilities that come with this ownership. My purpose with this research project was to create a form of awareness towards young adults on these responsibilities through an app.

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